Winter 2014 First Impressions Part 5: Inari, Yamakan, Seki, Yuka

[Thomku] Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha - 01 [x264 720p AAC].mp4_snapshot_05.28_[2014.01.19_11.51.37]I should finish this before the month ends. The next part will probably cover everything remaining.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.
Inari shrines and Kyoto and romance.

[Thomku] Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha - 01 [x264 720p AAC].mp4_snapshot_10.09_[2014.01.19_11.53.01] [Thomku] Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha - 01 [x264 720p AAC].mp4_snapshot_19.49_[2014.01.19_11.55.26]

There wasn’t anything really special about this, but I’ll watch it because Kyoto and jinjas are cool. There’s just something about Inari shrines and Kyoto that captivates me. Everything feels peaceful and beautiful. It’s really relaxing. The atmosphere just draws me in. It makes the world and everyone seem kinder. I really like watching anime that feels this way. The story and characters also seem to be enjoyable. I’m in.

Wake Up, Girls!
This anime is trying to not sell.

[HorribleSubs] Wake Up_ Girls! - Seven Idols - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.38_[2014.01.25_00.44.28] [HorribleSubs] Wake Up_ Girls! - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.41_[2014.01.25_00.49.07]

I have to include episode 2 in this one because that episode truly shows what the series’ intentions are. We have an idol anime that seems to plan on showing the how disturbing and exploitative many things are on the idol culture/business. I have no idea what Yamakan plans to do with this. There’s clearly an overlap between idol fans and anime fans, so what the hell is he trying to accomplish doing something like this? Is he trying to kill his studio?

Anyway, we have a former idol who loves singing and dancing, but quit, or had to quit. I wonder why, even though she loved singing and dancing. We have some other girls with varying motivations, some not even interested in the idealized motivations idols are usually marketed with. The girls are asked if they’re still virgins in their auditions, because that matters to a lot of the “fans”-to-be of these girls. There are a lot of other things, especially in that 2nd episode’s part A. Let’s end the examples with that and talk about the narrative. 

I thought it was pretty good, especially the movie prequel. Aside from those mentioned above basically making these girls more human than many anime out there, there’s a level of restraint in the direction which made everything feel more real. The theme about the ways people make people happy can also be used for the characters as well as for the criticism of the industry. I hope the series will focus on Mayu more than the group as a whole. I feel like the series would work better with her in the spotlight. This way, we’d mainly get a character-driven story that portrays the disturbing things in the industry by showing it through the experience of a girl who suffered because those things. At the same time, through showing how and why she returned along with the group’s rise, it is possible to show that the industry can be something for these girls despite the hardships they face. Focusing on Mayu will also make up for the lack of time to characterize the other members more. Even if this ends up being positive about the idol culture, I hope it’d still admit that there many disturbing things in it.

Tonari no Seki-kun
Seki-kun kills time with dominoes.

[HorribleSubs] Tonari no Seki-kun - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.36_[2014.01.25_00.56.38] [HorribleSubs] Tonari no Seki-kun - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.10_[2014.01.25_00.56.05]

This series comes in 8-minute episodes, OP and ED included. It’s very funny, but not in an IQ reducing way like the idol episode of Kyokai no Kanata. I don’t hate Kyokai no Kanata.  That episode was just the most recent example that came to my mind. The OP and ED are very entertaining and really captures what the show is all about. Aside from being funny, I also like the chemistry between the only two characters that matter. The big guy blocking the teacher’s view of Seki also matters, but not in the way the I meant the two do. This is the 8th sentence in this paragraph.

This and Gin no Saji in the same season. Are farming schools becoming a trend in anime?

[ChihiroDesuYo] Nourin - 01 (1280x720 10bit AAC) [5D50BAD8].mkv_snapshot_13.39_[2014.01.17_20.19.22] [ChihiroDesuYo] Nourin - 01 (1280x720 10bit AAC) [5D50BAD8].mkv_snapshot_10.39_[2014.01.17_19.41.14]

 I didn’t care much for this. There were some funny scenes, but overall this was just unfunny and offensive. I don’t bash series for being unoriginal, but if you’re gonna be generic, at least be fun. Aside from some mildy funny jokes, the farming school setting isn’t really used here. It’s just there so you can say that they’re not in a normal school. 

I think this wasn’t as bad as I’m making it sound like, but I’m biased when it comes to Silver Link and Oonuma Shin. This is fun for some people. But as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t see any signs that this’ll be worth continuing.

Will Silver Link be successful in making farming schools a trend in anime? Who knows?
Are they even trying to start a trend in the first place? I don’t care.


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