Happy International Day of Awesomeness guys!

This is heartspan by the way. I’ve just been added as an author in this blog a few days ago. I thought of introducing myself a bit sooner, but because of various and unrelated reasons, I just didn’t feel like it. Today, since it’s the “International Day of Awesomeness”, I thought I’d be awesome for a day and greet you guys.

For those of you who don’t know what the “International Day of Awesomeness” is, it’s a special holiday created by some random office workers as an excuse for normal and not so normal people to be awesome for at least a day. It is a completely random holiday and is celebrated every 10th of March (Sadly, this is not a working holiday and classes will not be canceled T_T). How we celebrate it is pretty simple, just be AWESOME. Doing it with friends or doing it alone is accepted, as long as it’s AWESOME!

For more details on the “International Day of Awesomeness” go to http://dayofawesomeness.com/

I’ll also be celebrating the “International Day of Awesomeness” today. I’m going to kick back and relax, watching and rewatching AWESOME anime that I feel like watching with AWESOME drinks and AWESOME snacks at my side. This is pretty much what I do everyday though (I guess that just means I’m awesome everyday LOL). If you have free time why don’t you comment and tell us what you’re planning to do on this awesome day :3. By the way, commenting would be AWESOME! So if you’d like something that’s not bothersome but still AWESOME, comment now! It’s fine if you don’t comment though, it’s not like I want you to comment at all baka >.<

Anyways, this has been heartspan. Have an AWESOME “International Day of Awesomeness”!


You don’t need me to tell you what this is, right?


The ever erotic hero of the ages! RANCE!! XD

Let’s all be AWESOME and pierce through the heavens, one way or another XD


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