I applied and got hired

Hello. This is miharusshi. This is my first post in this blog as the newest contributor, but my first contribution was for the post entitled The Spring 2014 Anime Classes. The title of this post is all you need to understand how I got here. I asked cladinblue if I could become a member of this blog’s team. Two days ago, I created a WordPress account and, just today, I notified cladinblue my interest in writing a self introduction post. Luckily, I immediately got accepted.


Now, Kawaranai Mono Aniburoggu is being run by a three-man team.

I decided to join this team to review anime and manga. I’m bad at reviewing stuff–or rather, I’m bad at writing. After reading the posts here, I thought it’s a suitable place for me to voice out and share my opinions while learning how to review properly. I want to write about various anime and manga such that the readers would find my thoughts understandable no matter how agreeable or disagreeable to some of you.

[RS] The Prince of Tennis II - 1 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.08_[2012.01.06_19.56.38]

I still have a long way to go before I could post something I can regard as decent. So until then, sorrymasen for the inconsistency from time to time.

 I already had the desire to blog long time ago. Since I am lazy and unmotivated type of person further engrossed by the want to do well in studies, I didn’t really have the chance to open a blog. It was last April 2014 that I finally had the courage to open a blog (in Blogger). That moment is something I couldn’t forget because it was a big step for me to get out of my laziness in writing and pouring out my thoughts.


Good character interactions are a favorite!

Without a doubt, I can say that I love anime and manga. Ever since I can remember, I had always been exposed to the so-called childhood anime. My biggest favorite was Dragon Ball. My childhood defined my attachment towards shounen and adventure type of anime. My anime preference, however, started to change when I started watching anime on a regular basis on 2009. Back then, I was like an ignorant who just found out more than what I thought had always been. I found out about slice of life and ecchi. Those two genres were the most shocking revelations. Ecchi always surprised me with its various techniques, such as the pantsu shot and the oppai squeeze. I would always be appalled just watching those scenes, which would leave bad impression on me regardless of the story. I eventually got used to seeing them. I still don’t really like ecchi, but I don’t mind watching them now if they are just for fan service and not as the only content of the show. On the other hand, I really like slice of life especially if I first read them in their manga format. I have many favorites, but my all-time favorite anime are FMA Brotherhood, Gintama’, Uchuu Kyoudai, Major [all seasons], Steins;Gate, Mushishi, Code Geass [both seasons], ef: A Tale of Memories., Gin no Saji [both seasons], Natsume Yuujinchou [all seasons], and Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki. I don’t read manga as much as I watch anime, but the ones that I like best among more than a hundred manga that I have read and have been reading are Slam Dunk, REAL, Sanctuary, Horimiya, Koukou Debut, Akame ga KILL!, Noragami, Emma Eikoku Koi Monogatari, Yotsubato!, and Otoyomegatari.

Nowadays, I am trying to read more light novels so that I can supplement my writing practice.

For now, tThis is all I can disclose about myself. Thanks for reading!


About miharusshi

A 20+ year old cat lover and bisexual person. She is a little bit addicted to Yuri (Girls Love) and probably loves idols, especially Sonoda Umi, way too much. Currently residing in the southern part of the Philippines, miharusshi is always searching for what her life can possibly mean.

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