Top Summer 2014 Plan-to-watch Picks

It smells like summer.

Spring 2014 is heading its end. Only one month is left for the airing anime TV series that we’re currently watching. One month is a kind of long duration, but when it ends we realize that time really flies by so fast.

Let's keep our sanity, shall we?

The heat can drive people crazy, if not just lazy. Let’s keep our sanity, shall we?

I’ve just browsed different anime charts for the next season, Summer 2014, in order to pick anime to watch. It isn’t practical to check only one anime chart, so I used different sources which have different numbers of anime listed in their own database. (These are my sources: Neregate | AniChart | LiveChart)

In this post, the authors of this blog are going to post their own top picks for Summer 2014. I thought this might be fun to do since we have different tastes in anime.

Just sayin'.

D-did you miss me? J-just askin’. Hehe~

I, miharusshi, honestly didn’t bother checking every anime in those charts. I just chose and checked the synopses of some of the titles based on their posters. Visuals are very important since they give the first impression of the anime on the viewers. I also checked their genres and available promotional videos. PVs are great to hype you up. Haha.

This list is for the shows that we are most likely to watch. Of course, we might want to try other titles we do not include in the list. Basically, this is the list of upcoming shows that we find the most interesting, whether or not we have read the source material. Let’s start with my picks, with the reasons why I chose them.

Obligatory photo of Esdese (Akame ga KILL!)

Obligatory photo of Esdese (Akame ga KILL!)

miharusshi’s list

  • Akame ga KILL! It’s dark action. ‘Nuff said.
  • Ao Haru Ride – one-of-a-kind shoujo
  • Aldnoah.Zero – coz Urobuchi Gen, Aoki Ei, Iwasaki Taku
  • Tokyo GhoulLooked down on it upon knowing Studio Pierrot animated this, but the PV changed everything
  • Glasslip coz SOL and P.A. Works
  • Barakamoncoz SOL and not-so-common occupation of protagonist






cladinblue’s list

The boys are ready for Kirito. Wait, what?

The boys are ready for Kirito.
Wait, what?

  • Akame ga KILL! – Seems interesting.
  • Aldnoah.Zero – because staff.
  • Barakamon – Staff and I think I’ll like the material.
  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal –  sailor moon is sailor moon.
  • Glasslip – Is this the mainstream version of Fuujin Monogatari?
  • Hanamonogatari – Monogatari series is fun fun.
  • Hanayamata – because staff. Didn’t like No Game No Life that much but it’s executed really well.
  • Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen – Good Xebec or Bad Xebec? I’m hoping it’s the former.
  • Sword Art Online II – anime of the decade lol
  • Tokyo ESP –  Didn’t really enjoy the manga but it has potential if improved upon.
  • Tokyo Ghoul – Seems interesting.
  • Zankyou no Terror – MAPPA. Original anime. Shinichiro Watanabe. Yoko Kanno. You still gonna ask why?


cause akame ga kill and sao are taken LOL

cause akame ga kill and sao are taken LOL

heartspan’s list

  • Akame ga Killto quote miharusshi: “It’s dark action. ‘Nuff said.”
  • Aldnoah.Zero great staff
  • Barakamon I think it’s interesting.
  • DRAMAtical Murdernew-ish(?) director
  • GlasslipIt’s P.A., why not?
  • Hanamonogatari monogatari series teehee 
  • HanayamataI feel like the director’s better suited to shows like this.
  • JinseiI “feel” like it might be good…. (bad joke, sorry -.-)
  • Kancollewhy? because moe, that’s why
  • Sword Art Online II ermahgerd!! XD
  • Tokyo ESPI’m hoping that Xebec does a good job with this.
  • Tokyo GhoulPV seems interesting

About miharusshi

A 20+ year old cat lover and bisexual person. She is a little bit addicted to Yuri (Girls Love) and probably loves idols, especially Sonoda Umi, way too much. Currently residing in the southern part of the Philippines, miharusshi is always searching for what her life can possibly mean.

4 thoughts on “Top Summer 2014 Plan-to-watch Picks

    • I’m sure I’ll be let down by a number of my picks, but I still can’t help but feel optimistic with some titles :))


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