Some of My Favorite Anime People (part 1)

Nope. He isn't included in my list.

Nope. He isn’t in this post.

I’m the type of viewer who likes to know the people (not just the studio) behind the anime I watch. I’m not as hardcore as some of them, and I’m hindered by my lack of Japanese language skills, but I think I’m closer to them in terms of the dedication in looking things up (lol). I know only a small percentage of viewers care about these things. I wish more cared though. These things gives the most insight as to why an anime’s executed the way it was. It’s a lot more reliable way to predict what an anime’s going to be like compared to looking up just the studio and synopsis. You have to connect the dots though aside from gathering the info. Just knowing won’t really help that much. You have to think.

I don’t really focus on the producer (the actual person producer, not the companies),  so I won’t be able to pick a favorite there. Also not too much on the sound engineering and direction or the writing part. I do look up the writers, but for some reason I don’t really feel as if I have a favorite haha. I’ve been looking them up a bit now. Producers, sound directors, and video editors can really also have significant effects on shows. It’s a small goal of mine to be more informed about them over time. It’s really hard to identify which are my favorites and which I just like, so I tried to trim them down to fit into a post of reasonable length. I failed, hence the “Part 1” in the title.

The names won’t be in any particular order. Let’s start. 05807c0145a24f08413f09fb379d17c3

Iso Mitsuo

A very influential animator and without a doubt one of the best ever. Anyone who’s into sakuga will know him and probably has one of his Evangelion scenes as one of their favorites. I’m not sure why but watching that favorite scene of mine always gives me goosebumps, probably out of sheer awe and admiration for the work of art. Watch it by clicking the link below.

I can’t find it as is (not in a MAD, etc) in its entirety on youtube so just click this to watch it (might contain spoilers). I didn’t search that much lol

His style has evolved since then, but the core of being “real” and being full limited is retained. He’s the man behind Dennou Coil. While I felt that the end could’ve been better executed, the show has got to be one of the best, if not the best and most consistent TV series in terms of technical quality. The art really fit the show. It’s simpler than your usual anime but is unique. The simpler style allowed for more detailed movement to be drawn faster I guess. The animation was consistently near movie quality, and was really put to use in the world building. Details were there to help the storytelling, not just to be there. The framing of the shots were always excellent. Everything had its use for the storytelling. It’s just a joy to watch. I hope he tries directing another series.

Akane Kazuki

One of my favorite directors. I really like how he directed the ones I’ve watched from him. The build up, attention to character dynamics, use of sound, basically everything. I really liked what he did to Geass through the Akito OVAs. I’m sure a lot of people will disagree but I know my own feelings lol. The setting felt more realized and believable (believable doesn’t mean realistic). The action was way way better (thanks to ORANGE for the great 3D animation). The original Geass was a totally different series and I really enjoyed them, but I think they didn’t really made the setting as “real” as Akito did. Its strengths lie elsewhere. Basically, he used the potential of the setting and did his own thing using it, while still leaving enough things from the original Geass. I just like how shows are executed when he’s the director. Noein and both seasons of  Birdy the Mighty: Decode were also directed by him,  all of them I really liked.

Kanno Yoko

One of the best composers that often work in anime. What I really like about her works (aside from them being really good) are that they fit their anime perfectly. I really admire how she’s able to consistently compose excellent pieces for vastly different kinds of anime. Unlike many popular composers in anime,  she isn’t remembered for her style. Think Macross F, Cowboy Bebop, Aquarion, Zankyou no Terror. Very different from each other. All from her. I like Kajiura Yuki but for me her works only sound really good when she’s able to use her signature style. Compare .hack//Sign’s and Tsubasa’s OST to SAO’s.

Nanase Hikaru (Ito Masumi)

She’s also an excellent composer. On average I don’t like her works as much as Kanno’s, but for composing one of my all-time favorite anime OSTs, Requiem for the Phantom’s OST, I’ll include her here.  Some other works of hers that I really liked are Noein and Zettai Shounen’s OSTs.

I also like her songs in which she’s also the singer. The EDs of  Jintai, Zettai Shounen, and Red Data Girl are examples.

Yamashita Shingo

One of my favorite animators. He animated lots of awesome scenes in Birdy the Mighty: Decode. He did the entirety of  Shinsekai Yori’s ED. All the good things about him are really showcased there, except for battle choreography and animation. While he is an awesome fight scene animator, it is his ability on character acting that I admire the most. When he animates, there’s a realistic feel that permeates the frames regardless of the art style. For a concrete example of what I’m talking about, focus on the movement of the characters on Shinsekai Yori’s ED. There’s excellent acting in the animation, something that I think, is a bit more rare than excellent battle animation. From the same video,  he also displays how good his effects animation are, just look at how his water animation feels like real water despite just using a few lines. He has a lot more works that I won’t discuss here for the sake of length, including the very loved Naruto vs. Pain battle.

He seems to be taking the path to becoming a director. He likes storyboarding OPs and EDs, also animating lots of cuts in them usually. Not common outside battle scenes, he’s also animated successive non-battle cuts that would make him sort of a mini-director because of the combined length of the cuts. Last year, he was the episode director for episodes 01 and 10 of Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta. Episode 10 was my favorite episode from the series. I didn’t know he directed (and storyboarded and was the assistant animation director for) the episode when I watched it. Episode 1 was also really good, but the things I really admire was on full display on episode 10. While he didn’t animate the whole episode himself, his direction made the scenes really use animation to benefit character acting. He probably did correct/edit a bit of animation himself because he’s credited as assistant animation director for the episode. Most likely, that was to ensure that the quality of the animation would be enough for the  scenes to look as how they were intended to look. I will not elaborate here and I don’t think I’ll be able to explain it clearly, but if you watch the episode with the things I stated in my mind, I think you’ll understand what I’m talking about. For an even clearer perspective, compare episode 10 to the other episodes. You’ll see the difference he makes.

If his ANN entry is updated, it appears that he has been pretty silent recently. I hope that means he is working on something big like directing a series. I really do.

Maybe I should write an entire post discussing some of his works in detail to really explain why I like them. I’ll try when I feel like it.

Part 2 I don’t know when


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