Solanin And Solanin

Solanin. Sola + nin.

Sky People.

Dreaming. Chasing our dreams; reaching for the sky. What a great path in life.

‘Til you realize that you can’t fly — that you won’t reach the sky.



What if, in the end, even after you’ve really tried, the world just won’t let you reach the sky? You can’t try again forever. You have responsibilities. You have to earn money. That is the truth. You really wanted to succeed. You we’re driven by your dreams.

And now, they’re unreachable.

Can you accept it? Can you move forward? I know your answer, but are you really sure you can? When the source of your motivation and drive to work in this world is taken away from you, can you? In a world like ours with all these people full of malice around, would you still want to?

Then maybe, maybe it’d better if we don’t try. Maybe it’d better to play it safe. Maybe it’d better to avoid the risk of dreams being crushed. All these inspirational quotes and pictures and stories about people who reach their dreams by not giving up and trying their best, it always leaves out those who failed by doing the same thing. And those who failed surely outnumber those who succeeded.

We can still be happy in other ways if we really decide to be. Happiness is a decision, right?

That last sentence was so easy to type.

Listen up! Can I tell you something really messed up?!
When a plane plows into a building, when war erupts…
There’s an awful part of me that feels bad, but kind of excited!!
I see no light of hope in our future!!
It won’t be dramatic, just one boring day after another!!
I’ll never become an adult who acts satisfied with a tepid happiness!!
Everybody!! Congratulations on graduating from humanity!
But I..! I… need a little more time… to find an answer.
No matter how hard it is… even if it takes me to the ends of the earth… I’ll walk my own path.

We are all solanin and solanin.

“A poisonous alkaloid found in various solanaceous plants,
including potatoes which have gone green through exposure to light.”


(This isn’t really a review, but it is review-like because it  says a bit on what this manga is for me and probably will be, to an extent, for others. Solanin is manga by Inio Asano who I think is mostly known today for being Oyasumi Punpun’s mangaka.)

The way Solanin portrays life in general is just special. It doesn’t take any sides. It doesn’t preach. It just shows how things really are for the characters. It’s like a passive observer but with the emotions preserved and conveyed beautifully. That’s a big reason why I really liked it. It highlights, for me, the things that are really at the core of people.

If you see Solanin only as some music-themed follow-your-dreams inspirational SoL drama, then I’m offended by your views. lol


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