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No one will probably back this up because they saw it from my post. But just to do my part in trying to spread the word and just in the small chance that someone unaware of it stumbles here, sees it, and decides to pledge, I’ll still post.

Here’s the link to the kickstarter: 


If this gets funded. 2D animation will be done by Kinema Citrus (Black Bullet and Barakamon’s got cool animation) while 3D CGI will be by Orange Co (responsible for almost every cool 3d CGI in anime recently).

The premise and everything seems pretty solid despite not really being novel. There’s no problem with that for me. As long as you have something solid to work with, it’s the execution that will set you apart. That brings me to the biggest reason why I want this to be funded and why I believe that this will be awesome if it happens.

The director is Masahiro Ando. He’s one of my favorite directors. He isn’t a household name and generally isn’t known for having critically praised shows. The reason for that is probably being that he’s mostly directed big commercial projects. The only thing he’s done that isn’t very commercial is Sword of the Stranger, and that was critically praised. Sword of the Stranger is the work that’s really representative of Masahiro Ando because in that work he probably also had a lot of control with the content. He can only do so much with the content in commercial projects like HanaIro and adaptations Tempest. He only gets to direct them in the sense of how to present them. In that sense, I like how he did with his commercial projects. And I think his skills still shone through in them. Zetsuen no Tempest was exceptionally directed. He really nailed the grandiose feel the series was going after. It takes a lot more than good source material to make something good, assuming you think the material was good. Hanasaku Iroha was inconsistent, but when it wasn’t being distracted by its hijinks and weird Okada sexual humor, it was really really good. There are still some standout scenes and episodes I can still remember from years ago.  The way in which Ohana’s feelings were being portrayed visually — when Ohana faced the reality of her situation in the beginning of the series, the time when Ohana was running in the city while it was raining, and then tripped — those important scenes and the episodes they were in were definitely more than perfectly executed. HanaIro’s movie, Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home, didn’t have the inconsistency that the TV series had. In that movie, the brilliance Hanasaku Iroha’s capable of was on full display. He also directed Canaan, which I felt was directed really well despite the story being emo as hell. The 1st half was really enjoyable but it was hard for me to enjoy its final stretch due to the overdose of  emoshit. :))

I believe that staff pedigree is the most reliable way to predict quality. Pedigree will not always be reliable, but it is more reliable than the other ways like looking at just the trailer or just the premise.

I like her character design :3

Unlike Trigger, there is a lack of an extremely loyal fanbase for these guys. Their goal is also a lot bigger than LWA 2’s (LWA 2’s total pledged money exceeded UTD’s goal though). I do think it’ll be hard for them to reach their goal because of these reasons. But I still hope they reach it.

If you have some extra money there, or if you’re a rich kid, a rich businessman, a rich bastard, or just rich, please support Under The Dog and spread the word!


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8 thoughts on “Support Under The Dog!

    • I’m not really that hooked with the premise and all, and I think they’re losing a significant amount of possible backers due to the trailer only featuring the action part (even if that’s probably because they’re still in pre-production), but I really have faith in the people making it.

        • Yeah I’m confident the action will be awesome haha. But there are many who will think it’ll be just action and high school girls based on the trailer. I think it will not be like that, but it can certainly look that way to some. and that can drive away some potential backers. hehe

        • That’s true. Can’t blame what they did for the PV though. They showed more of the action scenes because it is a selling point (even though it’s not what entirely makes up the series). They had to market it and show people that their animation quality can get as good as the PV as long as they aren’t limited by the available funds. … but, yes, they should’ve added some lines or voice acting to make the viewers curious. Insert that question the writer himself said in the interview 😦

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