My Dearest Asukafriend

“My dearest Asukafriend, I couldn’t but notice your umbrageous temper.
Although we can’t help but deplore your taste in women,
please spare your jelly spilling for another thread, bakamono bozu!
Your waifu a shit and you are shit. Asuka is worst girl in ALL of anime.
Daily reminder, your EMO lunatic A-cup loli doll did dieded.
You will never know the joy of having a purest, virgin, mass production waifu.
Even Ayanami laughs at you submissive beta weaboos.
Love, Reifans.”

I’m planning on making this random youtube video sharing regular. I’m thinking monthly, we’ll see. The  idea is that once a month, I’ll share a youtube (now not restricted to youtube)video of my choice here in this blog. It’s an easy way to have filler posts. The content can be anything as long as its related to this blog’s focus. Though more often than not it’ll probably be videos like this month’s.

P.S. I don’t really care about your waifu being shit and I’m not particularly inclined to waifu either of the two, but if I really had to choose,  an Asukafag I’ll be.

Video of the Month: August 2014


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