Don’t Try Too Hard To Have An Opinion

[HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.34_[2014.10.12_05.57.02]

“she” hates it

Just an unorganized rant post about Log Horizon’s studio change and some things that irritate me.

Many are already aware that it is now Studio DEEN in charge of animation production duties for Horizon.

It’s kinda irritating to see all these people who has “opinions” about the changes. A lot of them seem to just say something for the sake of saying something. In short they actually don’t know or don’t mean what they say. They’re just trying too hard to say something because the studio was changed and there were changes on the art and character designs. Of course I don’t mean everyone, so this’ll act as the disclaimer.

Let me get this out of the way first. I don’t prefer one of the two season’s designs, but I also found the changes to Marielle’s hair distracting because I was used to the old one. The rest of the changes in the art were very tolerable for me. Some might find it too distracting, others won’t. There are also people who like the changes as they are closer to the LN designs. No matter what someone thought of the changes, one thing’s for sure, DEEN isn’t the one to be blamed. They aren’t even the ones who decided that NHK and the other sponsors and factors involved transfer animation production to their studio. Another thing is that the core staff is the same except for the character designer (probably because the designer for S1 is in-house, or at least attached to Satelight). You can’t blame DEEN for the designs because the designer is freelance, so he’s not part of DEEN. There is also the same director that approved it, and a lot of other people that’re part of the production. The fact is, unless you really know how the designs got approved (I don’t know), you can’t really say why they made the intentional changes.

Everyone speculates, but at least base the speculations in reality. The first season of Log Horizon was already low budget. It was full of stills and rarely has real motion even in battles. Does the change to DEEN mean an even lower budget? Most certainly NO. Budgets vary from production to production, not on the studio handling its animation production. The studio doesn’t decide the budget. Budget isn’t even the only thing that influencesoutput quality in projects. Deen rarely gets involved with big budget productions and used to regularly have production issues though I don’t know why. That’s why they have a reputation of being QUALITY. But in recent years Deen shows have been looking decent to good visually. A number of talented former Shaft people now work in Deen. Productions in recent years have been visually creative despite having low budgets. Sankarea, Rozen Maiden 2013, and Sakura Trick are the ones I remember, having watched them myself. If LH S2 gets the same budget as S1, it’ll probably be of the same quality at worst because DEEN usually doesn’t mess up productions anymore plus same core staff.

The animation is even a little better in S2. There are more moving people aside from the characters talking. There is also a little more movement from the main characters. Tell me that Serara jumping and then running toward the camera in episode 01 wasn’t animated well. Tell me that Tetra rubbing herself “inside” Naotsugu wasn’t animated well. Tell me those random decently animated background people in the first two episodes of S2 were less than what we got from Satelight in S1.Tell me you’ve seen that much movement in single episodes of Satelight’s S1 more than in Deen’s S2 so far. Granted, it’s only 2 episodes, but I doubt the animation quality will lower a lot (if it even lowers) barring big production mishaps.

[HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.50_[2014.10.12_05.50.33]

I like how the hair highlights are yellowish.

I am speculating on some parts above, but I am basing it on things that, while not unquestionable, are reliable to an extent. I didn’t make things up for my convenience or form conclusions from severely lacking (mis)information. If what you know isn’t enough, then admit that and research. If you don’t want to, then don’t make up things and just say your opinion without bringing up things you know nothing about.

It’s just like how a lot of people thought the noise they made after the swimming CM by Kyoani made Free! possible. Where did that conclusion come from? From their own deluded minds. It may sound harsh but it’s true that they just went and believed it themselves because it’s convenient to do so. Who wouldn’t want to be part of something so great such being the force that greenlits a Kyoani anime (even if they bash it when it was moe girls series they were making)? Only problem is that it’s made up. Even the timeline won’t add up. To add to that, I’m positive there is a big overlap with the female crowd that bashed Kyoani for only doing moe shows like K-ON! for boys thinking that majority of Kyoani are male. That’s why Free! was the moment that Kyoani actualy listened to them. They wanted a Kyoani show for them. About K-ON!, it had a decent amount of female viewers/fans (though I’m sorry I can’t cite the source anymore because I forgot where. But it was a real survey, not a net poll IIRC.).  About the studio: Kyoani has many female animators and staff and the core staff of K-ON! were all female. Those people ignored that because it was convenient for them. Looking up the staff for K-On! shouldn’t even take a minute. This season, many some people are saying they didn’t expect kyoani to go that far with fanservice. Suddenly, they forgot about some of KyoAni’s older shows and most recently, Free.

Another one is how some people praise ufotable’s animation like it’s so much better compared to the rest when what they’re actually praising is (presumably) just the art and the digital effects and filters. UBW 00’s animation was nowhere near Bahamut’s or Sora no Method’s respective 1st episodes, and that’s just on this season. Don’t get me wrong. I’m hyped for UBW and it looks great and will probably be more consistent animation-wise than most shows this season, including the ones with better animation in their 1st episodes. But so far the animation isn’t the best and shouldn’t be called that. It’s good on average but far from being excellent. While there are a lot of frames, that doesn’t mean the motion will be good, it just means there will be movement. I don’t know how much praise Grisaia’s gets supposedly for its animation, but they’re similar in how they have a number of scenes where there are lots of frames (drawings) with awkward movement. Overall though I think Grisaia’s animation was better. I intentionally use ‘some’ because I’m sure these doesn’t apply to all. I just see a lot who say these things and I wanted to rant a bit about it.

I won’t say I haven’t been guilty of doing this at times. Sometimes, or always for others, we get too carried away and not think about things. There was a time I pinned all the blame for Guilty Crown on Hiroyuki Yoshino, but later on I realized that was too one-sided because I actually don’t know just how did it become that way. Sadly though, it seems to me that some people just don’t have any intention of thinking for themselves.

Back to Log Horizon to end the post. For me, it feels the same except for the change in designs. Some may feel genuinely different about it. But if you’re saying that just because there were changes in character designs and animation studio without being able to expound on it even a little, I think that’s hard to believe. More likely, you’re just deluding yourself and/or are saying things without proper basis just because Deen is a popular target for bashing and the designs changed.

As for keeping the OP song, DATABASE DATABASE WOWOW.

Log Horizon S2 01

deen’s bad animation for low budget

P.S. They kept DATABASE so S2 automatically doesn’t suck. The S1 video was better though. Where’s that random jumping Naotsugu?

P.P.S. Counter-action rising. Yeah we are ready for the punchline! There’s no use with all your gimmicks! SO CHECK THIS OUT!

P.P.P.S. Rend the lie that covers. Who’s the real sucker now?!

P.P.P.P.S. I’m fine with ZUTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOO being gone because the new one’s also kawaii.


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