To Save This World, Because You’re Here


I know. In this world, there are many sorrowful things…

…But you know what? I like this world.

So that’s why I thought, “I want to protect this world.”

This sky, the winds, the land, and–“

falling on top but not harenchi scene? wow

falling on top but not harenchi fanservice? wow

Going on a journey to save the world, never to return. Persevering through unimaginable pains just to essentially become a  human sacrifice. She accepted it. To save the world, not for the world, but for those she loves.

In the end, we all do things for personal reasons. No matter how small or big it is. Parents work hard for their family, not for other families. You help a stranger because you wanted to help.

[Formula]_Tales_of_Symphonia_OVA_-_1v2_[h264][5201808D].mkv_snapshot_16.56_[2014.11.11_17.16.28]Decisions, at its core, are always personal. Saving the world is no different. It’s just as grand as any other heroic acts. You don’t save the world mainly for people whose existence you aren’t aware of. It might sound selfish, but I believe its true. Even the act of sacrificing your life to save your loved ones is also selfish. They don’t want you to die for them. You don’t want them to die if you can save them by dying.

Being selfish isn’t inherently bad. If it was, then we are all bad. Because doing things because we want to be a good person is also being selfish. Being selfish is just being human. Things aren’t clear-cut.

Is the glass half-full or half-empty? It’s both. There’s nothing wrong with the answer being both if it’s really filled exactly halfway.

[Formula]_Tales_of_Symphonia_OVA_-_3_[h264][7931B0B9].mkv_snapshot_28.47_[2014.11.11_19.15.02]I like it when stories that involve something very big such as saving the world emphasize that in the end, everything is personal. And that’s what Tales of Symphonia does. Sylvarant-hen at least, was very focused on showing this. We watch the chosen one suffer and slowly lose her humanity for a world that can only watch her suffer as she saves them. The people who care about her can only watch her suffer and wonder about how unreasonable the world is. The rest will be saved without doing anything.

Execution-wise, for me it was very good for the most part, or else I wouldn’t have liked it this much. The sequels, I think, didn’t really focus on anything and as a result felt lacking in every thread it created which is why I didn’t like them as much. I don’t know how much of that was the games fault, but that doesn’t matter.

Tales of Symphonia: Sylvarant-hen is a really memorable anime for me, even if it’s not a favorite. I still remember a lot about it since I rewatched it last year but even before I rewatched it, it was one of those titles that really stuck with me.

[Formula]_Tales_of_Symphonia_OVA_-_2_[h264][DB4BC170].mkv_snapshot_25.13_[2014.11.11_19.05.50]–I’m kinda losing motivation to write somewhat organized and often lengthy posts so I figured I should just post everything I type even if they are a mess because I suck at articulating my thoughts.

–On a side note, this also why even if I had some big problems with Nolan’s Interstellar, I still liked it. And also why I always seem to like his films very much.


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