Introducing miharusshi’s little corner: Don’t Forget 「Hakushaku to Yousei」

Hi. I’d been thinking of doing this since several months ago, but laziness always got ahead of me. Then I saw my anitwitter friend, Falconhaxx, doing his own thing he calls “Going Down The List.” (Do drop by his blog!)

Hey, that sounds like a cool series name. And, of course, it made the idea of writing about anime in retrospect—without the need to rewatch stuff—all the more appealing to me. You don’t often see this kind of aniblog gimmick nowadays. Everyone is busy reviewing and commenting on past and current airing shows as they watch these Chinese cartoons. It may look like I’m copying Falcon, but I already got his permission. However, I’m naming mine “Don’t Forget [insert anime name]” in the hope of bringing to your attention long-forgotten titles. Quite fitting, don’t you think?

Anyhoo, let me ironically cut the ribbon with one of the most forgettable series for me: Earl and Fairy (Hakushaku to Yousei). Here’s the MAL synopsis:

In the nineteenth century, we find Lydia Carlton living in Scotland, making a living as a fairy doctor. She is one of those rare humans who can see and communicate with fairies. But no one believes her. However, Edgar is in need of someone with a vast knowledge of fairy lore, and Lydia is just that person. After rescuing her, he becomes her employer, but there are many secrets and emotions that seem to follow Edgar, who claims to be the Blue Knight’s Earl.

Honestly, I can’t even recall specific moments that I liked OR hated about it. It doesn’t help that I watched it more than five years ago (according to my MAL) and that I fell asleep for the most part. It was SOOO BOOORING. The visuals were indeed nice-looking, but everything that was going on failed to grab my attention. In a way, it was pretty effective in inducing sleepiness. That’s probably the most sincere compliment I can give the show. At least, the series—not its content, though—would somehow remain in my memory for long because of it. I hope I could generate and say more thoughts on it. But isn’t this telling?

Strictly speaking, I didn’t watch the show properly. But I know I sat and stared at my screen when I left the episodes to play one at a time—save that it sent me to unwanted waves of unconsciousness. I thought it was worth putting in my MAL for a reason, like this post.

Have you watched Earl and Fairy? What did you think of it? If not, do you plan on eventually watching it? By the way, it was produced by Artland… yeah.


About miharusshi

A 20+ year old cat lover and bisexual person. She is a little bit addicted to Yuri (Girls Love) and probably loves idols, especially Sonoda Umi, way too much. Currently residing in the southern part of the Philippines, miharusshi is always searching for what her life can possibly mean.

One thought on “Introducing miharusshi’s little corner: Don’t Forget 「Hakushaku to Yousei」

  1. Watched this because of the seiyuu in the cast. Didn’t like it that much. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it super boring like you did, but I’ll admit that it didn’t leave you with an impression after watching it. It’s, uhm, lukewarm. Anyway, it’s nice that you’re going to write this series. Looking forward to the next one. Cheers, Miha-chan!

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