To Save This World, Because You’re Here


I know. In this world, there are many sorrowful things…

…But you know what? I like this world.

So that’s why I thought, “I want to protect this world.”

This sky, the winds, the land, and–“

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Armin Arlert: When the More Human is Deemed Worse

I don’t know why I’m writing about something from last year.

armin female version. loljk that's maiwaifu

armin female version. loljk that’s maiwaifu

There are times when characters make stupid decisions or don’t decide at all. There are times when (non-villain) characters do things that will only cause harm. Many times, people will get angry (I will never be able to relate on getting angry at fiction.) at those characters for doing the “wrong” things — for being human. Assuming that those “poor” actions made sense for the character at that point, those actions should never be a reason to consider the characters bad. Being a good character isn’t about doing the “right” things. Again, they may simply be using dislike and bad interchangeably, which is wrong IMO.

Armin is a much disliked character in Shingeki no Kyojin. They say he’s a wimp — that he’s so indecisive and is a coward. I personally don’t like Armin that much, but I think he’s the one of the best characterized in SnK, not that there are a lot of them in SnK. Continue reading

Baby Steps and Sakurasou, on Talent

She is very talented --  so talented that she's considered a genius --  so talented she didn't have to work hard to be good.

She is talented
— so talented that she’s considered a genius
— so talented that she doesn’t have to work hard.

More often than not, I find myself disagreeing with what I hear from people when they talk about talent and skill. Despite being lazy, I’ve always wanted to try putting my thoughts on the matter into comprehensible paragraphs. But since I am lazy, I still didn’t do it. I didn’t have a reason to stop being lazy and do it (because excuses are the way to go if they’re true).

If only I could somehow write about it using anime, so I could post about it on this blog (because we always need signs).

Baby Steps and Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo generally agree with my views on this matter, and they’re both anime. I’m out of excuses. Continue reading