Argevollen is Good, Your Taste is…

Before the season started, many were probably dismissing Argevollen as Xebec fanservice crap with mecha. The director’s previous works were Kanokon, Ladies vs. Butlers, Motto To Love-Ru, and To Love-Ru Darkness. It can’t probably be anything more than fanservice crap.

b-b-but where's the pantsu?

b-b-but where’s the pantsu?

Even if the fewer who took the time to know who the series composition was thought he has written/directed a good amount of series they liked, they would still be pretty skeptical. It’s still XEBEC and it’s still being directed by that person.

The season started and some people tried Argevollen. Many dropped it and many who stuck with it didn’t like it that much and was just hoping for it to improve to their liking even now. Even for those who are still watching it, some think that the pacing is incredibly slow, the ever-important plot only mildly interesting, and the characters cliche and bland.

Why am I dedicating all these sentences to saying what the majority thought about Argevollen? To bash them for not seeing the good in Argevollen. Nothing personal, just taking advantage of my anonymity on the internet. I don’t mind having contrasting opinions with others. But if those opinions are different because they lack the capacity to evaluate and understand things properly, then we have a problem. This is the case for Argevollen.  People do not like it not because of their tastes, but because they don’t have the ability to understand what it’s doing. I sound arrogant and I have every right to be. I am superior and people must know. It’d be such a waste of superiority if I don’t let people know.

Okay I suck at being mean.

Anyway, I like Argevollen. It being 6.4 in MAL tells me that liking it is a pretty rare thing because almost everything’s above 7.0 there, ongoing or finished.

UPDATE: The show became inconsistent throughout so this post is only half-representative of my feeling for the show Continue reading


Winter 2014 First Impressions Part 4: Slices of Life

Slice of life is a (loosely defined) genre that relies heavily on character interactions, but I won’t be discussing the genre here because this post should be about first impressions on new series. 

Part 4 will cover four minus one slice of life premieres. And the word of the day is fun.
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Winter 2014 First Impressions Part 3: Planes, Gods, Pupa

[HorribleSubs] The Pilot's Love Song - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.00_[2014.01.15_20.45.31]I don’t think anime is dying. But I do think this season is one of the weaker winter lineups, especially at the top. It’s not that bad in the middle though. There are still plenty of enjoyable shows. Variety doesn’t necessarily give quality, but I think it’s almost never a bad thing. 

And so, for part 3, we have three varied premieres.  Continue reading

Winter 2014 First Impressions Part 2: Nobunaga and Nobunaga

oda_nobuna_no_yabou_image_2-1920x1080Contrary to the popular sentiment (in blogs I read), I actually think the shows have been increasing in variety lately.  From what I’ve seen from shows, I’d also say that production values of TV series on average are better now than 2-4 years ago. In my opinion, that was a period where the industry declined, but it has been recovering since the other year. The talent pool in the industry has also been promising, with many young and not so young people emerging as capable animators and directors. So what I’m trying to say is, anime definitely isn’t dying yet in my eyes.

Anyway, part 2 is here.
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