Don’t Try Too Hard To Have An Opinion

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“she” hates it

Just an unorganized rant post about Log Horizon’s studio change and some things that irritate me. Continue reading


Some of My Favorite Anime People (part 1)

Nope. He isn't included in my list.

Nope. He isn’t in this post.

I’m the type of viewer who likes to know the people (not just the studio) behind the anime I watch. I’m not as hardcore as some of them, and I’m hindered by my lack of Japanese language skills, but I think I’m closer to them in terms of the dedication in looking things up (lol). I know only a small percentage of viewers care about these things. I wish more cared though. These things gives the most insight as to why an anime’s executed the way it was. It’s a lot more reliable way to predict what an anime’s going to be like compared to looking up just the studio and synopsis. You have to connect the dots though aside from gathering the info. Just knowing won’t really help that much. You have to think. Continue reading