Introducing miharusshi’s little corner: Don’t Forget 「Hakushaku to Yousei」

Hi. I’d been thinking of doing this since several months ago, but laziness always got ahead of me. Then I saw my anitwitter friend, Falconhaxx, doing his own thing he calls “Going Down The List.” (Do drop by his blog!)

Hey, that sounds like a cool series name. And, of course, it made the idea of writing about anime in retrospect—without the need to rewatch stuff—all the more appealing to me. You don’t often see this kind of aniblog gimmick nowadays. Everyone is busy reviewing and commenting on past and current airing shows as they watch these Chinese cartoons. It may look like I’m copying Falcon, but I already got his permission. However, I’m naming mine “Don’t Forget [insert anime name]” in the hope of bringing to your attention long-forgotten titles. Quite fitting, don’t you think? Continue reading


Waremete is a Wonder

[Ohys-Senketsu] Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.53_[2014.11.09_11.06.00]

That’s right. I am traced CGI.

Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete had lots of bad animation and non-animation right from the get-go. You can even see how most are badly traced CGI. It was decent episode 3 onwards, with only occasional failings, but the damage was done.

There’s a reason why many series debuts with higher visual quality than what it will have for the rest of its run. A significant amount of viewers get turned off by anything ugly. And production schedules usually aren’t messed up yet at the beginning.

Volume 1 sold a measly 400+ BD/DVDs in its first week. Whether its quality animation had anything to do with it failing commercially or not, no one can say for sure. I just wanted to mention its animation failures to open the post.

Yes, this title wasn’t watched a lot. And yes, I liked it very much. So let me dedicate a short post about it in the pretext that I’m doing this because it didn’t sell and it deserves more love (because love is making a blog post about it). Continue reading

Top Winter 2015 Plan-to-watch Picks

The irregular Kawaranai Mono writer, miharusshi, makes her comeback! I’ve pretty much made this segment, “Top <insert season and year> Plan-to-watch Picks”, an excusable excuse to write here in cladinblue’s aniblog. Since it’s mid-December, Christmas is just around the corner, and fall anime season is about to end, it’s time to place our bets for the next season. Just to simplify things, next season is Winter 2015 according to Taiga (I don’t really like writing it as Winter ‘14/’15).

Speaking of winter, Winter 2014’s Gin no Saji 2, Noragami and Nisekoi were my top favorite shows. But the OVAs that came out around that time were sweet treats. We got to see Natsume and Nyanko-sensei again in Natsume Yuujinchou OVA: Itsuki Yuki no Hi ni, two years after the long absence of the TV series. Ginko returned to lead us to a world of wonders in Mushishi Special: Hihamukage, which served as the hope for all the fans for sequels (which were realized this year, too!) since the first TV anime aired in 2005. From that special, we all saw how much the art style has changed. I personally like all the changes!

Anyway, please do check out the upcoming shows. The following are just some of the sources where you can browse the list of new shows: Neregate |AniChart | LiveChart. Continue reading