I applied and got hired

Hello. This is miharusshi. This is my first post in this blog as the newest contributor, but my first contribution was for the post entitled The Spring 2014 Anime Classes. The title of this post is all you need to understand how I got here. I asked cladinblue if I could become a member of this blog’s team. Two days ago, I created a WordPress account and, just today, I notified cladinblue my interest in writing a self introduction post. Luckily, I immediately got accepted.


Now, Kawaranai Mono Aniburoggu is being run by a three-man team.

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Winter 2014 First Impressions Part 3: Planes, Gods, Pupa

[HorribleSubs] The Pilot's Love Song - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.00_[2014.01.15_20.45.31]I don’t think anime is dying. But I do think this season is one of the weaker winter lineups, especially at the top. It’s not that bad in the middle though. There are still plenty of enjoyable shows. Variety doesn’t necessarily give quality, but I think it’s almost never a bad thing. 

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