Ryouma Ebata’s Sora no Method ED

This time it’s an (almost) solo work by Ryouma Ebata on the underappreciated sakuga show of the season. Hopefully it still has many sakuga moments in store for the rest of its run.

A few, maybe two or three cuts appear to be based on fashion show walks and poses, and those looked and moved amazing.
The wonderfully animated swaying, shifting balance moments and small movements that were used a lot really feels nice.

Also, fhana ftw.

Vid of the month: October 2014


Winter 2014 First Impressions Part 4: Slices of Life

Slice of life is a (loosely defined) genre that relies heavily on character interactions, but I won’t be discussing the genre here because this post should be about first impressions on new series. 

Part 4 will cover four minus one slice of life premieres. And the word of the day is fun.
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